Tuesday, June 24, 2008


So I am starting fresh. You know. These things have to happen.

So much going on the next few weekends. This weekend is the OB street fair. Weekend after is the Sunday, Crafty Sunday show. Weekend after that Mark and I are road tripping it up to San Fran. Weekend after that is Pride. WHEW. In between all of that mark and I have decided to pretty much live at the beach. Sun, sand, sun, water, sand, sleeping on towels. Yes please, and thank you.

My "studio" (which is my bedroom floor and desk) is a mess. Really. A swamp of fabric scraps, paint, paper bags, and other random junk. I really hope this show goes well. I worked so hard on all of these things. Plus the time spent at the stupid BOE learning that when you have sellers permit you are signing your soul over to the state of california. Plus they spelled my name wrong on the permit. Ugh.

Here is what I day dream about currently:
1980's Schwinn Collegiate. So beautiful. At this point, I am willing to pay anything for one of these in good condition. So if you know... help a girl out.