Sunday, July 27, 2008


Comic-Con can sure take a lot outta two tired kids who stayed up too late the night before. We walked around for almost seven hours. Taking in awesome costumes, fantastic artwork, and even better movie junk. It was heaps of fun. We finally got to indulge in some Pinkberry. Mark was less than impressed, as usual with over fussed stuff. I however, loved every bite of it.

I didn't buy much at comic-con. I have always been a person who looks at something... sees someone charging ridiculous prices for it, and decides, "I could make that on my own anyway..." I did buy the comic-con exclusive Vampire Mr. Toast. If you don't know who mister toast is.. well I suggest you use google to it's fullest powers right now and find out.

The end of the day did not go so well. I had a horrible head ache all day and by time dinner came I couldn't eat I felt so sick. Ended up throwing up a few times and finishing the night with horrible body aches and shivers. Needless to say I spent today in bed. I feel better, but not 100%

The packing continues here at home. I'm pretty much over all of this right now and ready to get it over with. Packing is fun for like an hour. Then you realize that this all has to be undone later. Ick.

Ok... I am off to stare at this mess and try to block out the sound of my neighbors playing rockband. I don't care who you are... no one sounds good when they play that game.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

In a box to the left.

so so so.

I've been a bit M.I.A. due to packing and cleaning and packing.
I have thrown SO MUCH stuff away it's almost embarrassing. Who has that much stuff? Well not this girl, not anymore at least. It's weird the things we hang on to. The things we assume we need. Not going to become a minimalist, no way. But maybe a half way one. Heh.

When I am not packing and cleaning I am taking every free moment to collect myself. I don't do well in messy areas. And my room is a disaster due to boxes and what nots all over the floor. Just trying not to hyper ventilate and maintain a cool head.

The etsy shop is dead, pretty much. I mean I haven't sold a single thing and I am sad.

I owe packages to two people. Both are half way done. But I just don't know if I will get them out by this weekend. So nikkonia and my dear shannon...packages out next week or I'm a loser. For real. <3

This weekend is comic-con! YAY! I am so so excited. Time to buy some cutesy things and see some fun people dressed up. Can't wait.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

park it.

We enjoyed a day at the park on saturday. Played some nice rounds of mancala and checked out the botanical garden.
Today was all about friends and family!

I need to start packing soon. Which means I'll be getting rid of lots and lots of things. Because I always purge when I move. Also, my room size is shrinking. Eh, I have too much junk anyway.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Look what I got!!!
It's not a Schwinn Collegiate. But it's just as good. It's a vintage (late 70s mid 80s?) Sears and Roebuck, Sheffield Free Spirit 3 speed with a coaster brake. In good condition. Needs new tires, a shorter chain possibly, and the gears are shot. But I took her for a ride when I got home and had no problems just cruising around. The tires just don't hold air for too long. I am so so happy. And the price I paid... almost ridiculous... $40.00!!!! Such good luck today. :]

So, if you want to join my bike gang... let me know!


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

On Time

This is a shot from up the hill of NewPort Ave. in Ocean beach. The town I ran around like a maniac in as a wee wee tot. It's much cuter, and less hazy in person, I swear.

Today I stomped around the big antique store in OB. I am on the hunt for vintage owl salt and pepper shakers. But all the sets I found were outrageous in price. Too bad I guess. I always check for Blythe dolls when I am there too. I often hope to find an original from the 70's that maybe someone didn't know the value it holds. Those big eyed creep dolls are so cute!

How lovely is this bike? I will be obsessive until I have my hands on one. Or something similar... Dear Schwinn Collegiate fairy: please bring me one of these as soon as you can. Thank you.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Shop Update

These ice cream sandwiches are AMAZING. Go get a box and eat the whole thing. I promise you will have no regrets.

Sunday, Crafty Sunday was fun. I met tons of great people and the owner of Filter requested to put my paintings on his wall! Amazing! So go stop by there if you are in the San Diego area and check it out!

My etsy shop is fully loaded. So go check it out. Lots of stuff left over from the craft fair!
Next weekend is wind down weekend. I am still on the hunt for a bike, so maybe by next weekend I will have one ready to ride. (fingers crossed!)


Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Here is a sneak peak of the stuff (minus my toes) I will have for sale at Filter this sunday. If you are in the San Diego area you should check it out!! It's at 4096 30th St. in North Park. I'll be there from 11-5. Super great stuff!! I am really hoping this goes well. This could be the start of something really good for me. And I know (because I hang out with myself everyday) that I worked my ass off on these things and making sure they were good enough. I am still learning, but I want to go far with this. I always have. So wish me luck.

The weather has been amazing. I think after this show is over and I have more free time (meaning I am not sitting in front of the sewing machine every minute) I will be going to the beach more. I also want to get my hands on a new bike. Mine is sitting in a pile on the patio currently. I was motivated for 10 minutes today to fix it up, then went back inside. I think i am just going to sell the frame with seat and put that money toward a whole new bike. Still dreaming of a schwinn collegiate. Sigh... someday.