Sunday, August 31, 2008

This is just a fad.

-People who add photos booths to their wedding receptions are my favorite. Sarah and I loved and abused this thing. Heaps of fun.

-School has started and been in full swing. I am so far indifferent about the whole thing. It's only been in session one week though, so we'll see what happens.

-My birthday is this friday! I love love birthdays. Mark is throwing me a super great party that I am so excited about. LOVE BIRTHDAYS!!

-I haven't been sewing as much. I have been so busy. I do troll etsy more than I should though.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Paper Plane

ok, so i know this isn't the best photo. But we danced ourselves silly saturday night. And my lack of a large purse only allowed me to tote around my phone.

My summer is quickly coming to an end and I am pretty sad about it. So much has happened in the past four months. Looking back on everything I am so thankful for every moment I had.
Up next:
School starts.
My birthday!


Thursday, August 7, 2008


Hi! I moved. Finally.
(sorry for the bad photo, btw).
I am unpacked. This only took me 4 days. While packing took me almost 4 weeks. I live in an 'condo complex' full of beagle dogs and children. Mmhmm.

Here is a picture of my diggs... well, part of them at least:

Crap.. another awful photo. It's dark over here right now, due to a large gray cloud. Prayer flags became a valance and my window sill became a place to put photos. Because of all my toys and nik-naks you may confuse my room for a 12 year old girls room. But thats ok. Really, not the toys fault, probably mostly my love of pink that throws people off.

I am looking pretty pale right?

A better update when I am not dreaming of being by the swimming pool.