Thursday, September 18, 2008


I haven't washed my hair in 4 days, can you tell?

My job interview came and went, very fast. Probably about as fast as it takes you to finish reading this sentence. That may not be a good thing. They said they would know by friday who they want. I was one of 20 lucky people to get interviewed out of I guess... 50+ who sent in their resumes. Fingers crossed. Really.
I bought this jacket a nordstrom. It's made by Clandestine. Yes, Peter Wentz's clothing company. Despite that, its a comfortable jacket. And it was market down from 58.00 to 28.00 and with my 25.00 gift card, with taxes I only paid 6.00. Yea. I know. Amazing.

This weekend will be busy.
And that makes me happy!


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dry spots.

sorry for all these crappy phone camera pictures. it's just what seems to be handy all the time.

I'm glad that guy up there thinks i am great even when I wear the most ridiculous stuff on the planet. I couldn't pass up those glasses though. And yes, I wore them out that night to a bbq. It was amazing.

I recently bought this simple v-neck gray, boy shaped looking t-shirt from f21. I have been wearing it since thursday. And I don't plan on removing it till probably monday. It has to be the most comfortable thing on the planet, really. When the weather decides to stop being so mean, I will be living in thick tights, high wasted skirts, black skinny jeans, and two of the best jackets on earth. A Clandestine high collar zip up, and a Hurley double breasted hooded piece. I need a job in order to support my habit at this point. Which is why I should mention....

I have a big job interview on monday. I'll share more on this as it comes and passes... i really don't want no jinxies, ya know? Keep your hopes held high for me though. I have been looking for a job since early June. NO JOKE.

It's sad but true: poor girls can't afford Marc Jacobs. (job gods, get a hint).


Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Who else is excited that domo is the halloween mascot for target this year?